Lockdown Mental Skills #3

The lockdown is unfamiliar territory for all of us and if parts of it have been a struggle for you, that would be completely understandable.

This video looks at emotions in lockdown and suggests a small tweak in mindset that might be helpful for your well-being.

If you are at all struggling in lockdown and would like to talk to somebody, you can txt or call 1737 to speak to a counsellor 24/7.

Also, check out Sir John Kirwin's new well-being app - Mentemia

Click here for the Newshub story mentioned in the video.

Ian is the team psychologist for Auckland Aces and the high performance for young cricketers. High performance sport has highlighted that team success is not only down to talent and ability but importantly psychological readiness to perform where one puts themselves in a state of discomfort in order to perform at the highest stage.