Hamish McIntosh


Hamish is a psychologist who acknowledges the inter-related nature of physical and psychological well-being. A graduate of the University of Auckland’s Health Psychology programme, Hamish has worked for the DHB system in inpatient (intensive care unit) and outpatient (chronic pain rehabilitation) settings. Additionally, Hamish works alongside athletes in their pursuit of excellence, inside and outside the sporting arena. 

Hamish has worked alongside national and grassroots sports teams and individually with international as well as up-and-coming athletes. He works across sports and particularly enjoys working with athletes in individual sports, everything from golf, to lawn bowls, to boxing. Individual sports require a specific dedication to training and a special skillset to reach peak performance with no teammates to depend on. Hamish believes that developing the ability to thrive in these conditions is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Hamish’s experience makes him well suited to supporting injured athletes’ through their rehabilitation as well as those wanting to achieve an optimal level of performance. 

Ian is the team psychologist for Auckland Aces and the high performance for young cricketers. High performance sport has highlighted that team success is not only down to talent and ability but importantly psychological readiness to perform where one puts themselves in a state of discomfort in order to perform at the highest stage.