Lockdown Mental Skills #3

The lockdown is unfamiliar territory for all of us and if parts of it have been a struggle for you, that would be completely understandable.

This video looks at emotions in lockdown and suggests a small tweak in mindset that might be helpful for your well-being.

If you are at all struggling in lockdown and would like to talk to somebody, you can txt or call 1737 to speak to a counsellor 24/7.

Also, check out Sir John Kirwin's new well-being app - Mentemia

Click here for the Newshub story mentioned in the video.

"As captain of the Wheel Blacks I can say that Hamish was great for our team. He gave us the tools to develop a cohesive team culture. I am genuine in saying the team culture is in a better place now than before Hamish worked with us."


Gav Rolton, Wheel Blacks

Athletes Gav Rolton