Ian Lambie

SPA Director
027 2809948


Dr Ian Lambie works as a Registered Clinical Psychologist. Ian graduated with from the University of Auckland and has worked with young people and families extensively throughout his career.  He teaches clinical psychology at the University of Auckland and maintains a small private practice.  Ian has been working in the area of sports psychology for the past 10 years and has worked in a range of sports including Hockey, Darts, Swimming and Gymnastics.  He currently works with Motorsport NZ and has been Sports Psychologist for the Auckland Aces (cricket) for the past 7 years.  Ian sees both children and adults, and due to his experience in child and adolescent psychology he is often referred children in his private practice. He is a keen gym goer and enjoys tramping, skiing and biking. 

With gymnastics being a sport that is just as mental as it is physical, Paula was able to help me train my mind to become mentally tougher in and out of the gym. Learning to deal with any fears or anxiety I may have had about a certain skill or learning how to get through a bad day was essential for me as an athlete if I wanted to be competitive in my sport.