Nic Cao

SPA Associate
021 1079301


Nic is from Auckland and is passionate about sports.  He has a specialised interest in football and tennis and enjoys supporting athletes of all levels.  Nic is a graduate of the University of Auckland Health Psychology programme, and for the last eight years he has supported people in a variety of therapeutic settings.  Nic’s approach is underpinned by compassion and authenticity, and he is trained in evidence-based practices such as cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.   

Some of the issues Nic supports people with include: performance anxiety, enhancing motivation and confidence levels, managing expectations and self-criticism, and handling setbacks of all kinds that impact can impact on performance and general health.

When I first began competing in gymnastics, I had the common and frustrating experience of thriving in training and crumbling in competition. With Paula, I was able to learn psychological strategies for managing my performance anxiety and work through personal issues that were inhibiting my ability to perform to my potential.

Phoebe NZ Gymnast