Nic Cao

SPA Associate
021 1079301


Nick is born and raised in Auckland, and is a graduate of the University of Auckland Health Psychology programme.  

For the last six years he has supported people doing face to face therapy as a clinical health psychologist in medical settings across Auckland.  Before this he worked with young people in a variety of settings and roles, which include coaching and telephone counselling children and youth for three years.  Nicks approach is underpinned by compassion and having genuine respect for those he sees and their personal stories and struggles. 

Nic is a passionate sportsman, and enjoys supporting athletes to grow into their potential and handle setbacks related to sport and performance. 

With gymnastics being a sport that is just as mental as it is physical, Paula was able to help me train my mind to become mentally tougher in and out of the gym. Learning to deal with any fears or anxiety I may have had about a certain skill or learning how to get through a bad day was essential for me as an athlete if I wanted to be competitive in my sport.